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Reed Technology and Information Services Inc. is a company that provides electronic content management services, engaging in data capture and conversion, preservation, analysis, e-submission and publication for corporate, legal and government clients. The company was founded in 1961 and is based in Horsham, Pennsylvania, with an additional office in Alexandria, Virginia.


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Former Employee - Senior Editor says

"Distracting coworkers who have nothing better to do that talk about you, harass you and no matter how much you complain to management, it is ignored until the day you get fired."

Current Employee - IT Project Manager says

"Horrible leadership, extreme favoritism, no work from home, barely no PTO, company is run like it’s the 1950’s- zero perks, zero extras, mandates people must be in the office exactly 8.5 hours per day- no exceptions aside from the favorite few employees, software development is outdated, inept, can’t get their act together, terrible “leadership”, no raises, no bonuses, below par salaries..."

Current Employee - Data Entry says

"There is no room for upwards movement unless a family member is management or if you're sleeping with management, but that's certainly not unique to this company. The rules have drastically changed though the years and adequate training was not provided for those changes. The metrics have also changed and it's now it's incredibly difficult to meet your numbers. Every employee has slowed down in order to stay within the new metric framework, but now our overall production has also slowed down and we get angry emails on the daily to increase our production. The supervisors and managers most likely will not know how to do the job that you do and will not be any help to you when you need it. Your peers are the ones who are supposed to help you, but they will be angry that you're bothering them when they have their own numbers to make and will also be of little help. HR will disregard complaints. They will not submit paperwork and say that they lost it. This will cause all kinds of problems, including lapse in benefits for a whole year or mistakes in pay. They do not care about complaints regarding harassment of any kind and will sweep it under the rug and dissuade you from making it a formal, written complaint. Even then, they will lose those complaints too. The benefits have been drastically gutted and they're not even remotely competitive. Fairly certain Costco offers better benefits than this office job does. IT does not know what they are doing, which is funny for a company with "technology" in its name. This will cause you a lot of headaches because everything you do is computer based and their systems are thrown together with what seems like digital duct tape."

Former Employee - Data Entry Operator says

"Metrics are unreasonable rules are too rigid; no grey area"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"People are fake! Managers are horrific boss you around and talk to you like your a troll. Who do you think you are stone park complete arrogant pos"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Being turned down for a job because a person in management doesn't like you, constant gossip among employees and supervisors, privacy not being protected. Follow up to previous poster regarding building closures - despite a written policy saying "non exempt, non critical" employees would be paid if there was a building closure - management reclassified employees as "critical" and refused to notify anyone who asked about the issue in writing. All communication regarding the reclassification was given verbally. I wonder why? Treats employees like children, supervisors and managers who condescend to and talk trash about employees. Claims to have a company culture of appreciation and honesty but shows over and over that it's the money that matters not the employees."

KEY ACCOUNT MANAGER (Current Employee) says

"The workplace culture, unachievable goals and advancement is the reason for the low rating. Unfortunately, due to the company culture sales rep do not stay longer than 1 1/2. ."

Editor (Former Employee) says

"In general the managers seemed fairly understanding. There is a very strict lateness policy, and as it is a production environment, the standards are quite strict. There are ample opportunities for overtime and bonuses if you are very good at this type of work. The hardest part of the job is dealing with the repetitive nature of the work with little problem solving or challenge, if you are a social person this job could be hard for you as well. There is very little collaboration with others on the team. This is an okay job if you are just coming out of high school or need something reliable with benefits and just need a place to clock in, clock out."

Data Entry (Former Employee) says

"The coaching/warning/write up system is insane. You can get written up so easily and 3-5 write ups (depending on the violation) result in terminationMoneyTravel, boring work"

Production Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Nice place to be a supervisor if you like the work and are not interested in advancing too quickly. It takes a long time to move forward unless you were already who they had in mind to move into certain positions."

Senior Software Developer (Current Employee) says

"Getting worse every day with new unqualified technical management. People are let go more and more often. Increased pressure for quantity and productivity leading to failures ....Pension PlanUnquilified technical managament"

Lead Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Management was very cooperative / Supportive in terms of the hiring decision making. Management always keep mentoring the employees from time to time on their work progress.No Healthcare Benifits"